Clear Communication for Vehicles, Vessels & Remote Weapon Stations

Easily mounted and transported to provide defense and security personnel a highly effective, long range communication and warning capability, the LRAD 300X  broadcasts clear, authoritative voice commands and attention-commanding deterrent tones to safely modify behavior, enhance response capabilities and provide additional time to scale the escalation of force if necessary.

The LRAD 300X is low profile, lightweight and designed for use on small vessels, vehicles and remote weapon stations (RWS). The LRAD 300X is being used throughout the world for defense, security and law enforcement applications.


  1. Rugged. military tested construction
  2. Low power requirements
  3. All-weather use
  4. Scalable, lightweight & portable
  5. Simple to operate – Increased coverage with single operator
  6. Safer alternative to non-lethal measures


  1. Highly intelligible communication up to 1,000 meters
  2. Safely communicates beyond standoff distances to determine intent
  3. Variable beam width for extended coverage
  4. Clear, long range, directional communication
  5. Creates instant acoustic standoff perimeter




Control Module

Remote MP3 control module with 2GB onboard storage memory

Record on the Fly Mic

Microphone with record and playback feature for immediate playback

USB Cable

USB cable for downloading files to the MP3 player

Normalizer Software

Audio Normalizer software for creating audio recordings on a PC

Hearing Protection

Disposable hearing protection

MP3 Auxiliary Cable

Auxiliary audio cable for connecting to any audio device with a headphone jack


Wireless Kit

Wireless operation of LRAD systems at ranges up to 300 meters, 3.5 mm phone jack connects to a standard MP3 audio device (UHF, US only). Lightweight hyper-cardioid headset microphone is included

Magnetic Mount Kit

Magnetic base and accompanying mounting yoke to secure the LRAD system to metallic surfaces such as a vehicle roof

Maxabeam Kit

12 million candlepower in a lightweight, mounted searchlight, illuminates targets up to 3,500 meters away

Power Supply Module

External AC to DC power supply, 100-220VAC to 28VDC

Power Pack

Portable power pack with internal battery, charger, 24VDC, 21AH

Hitch Mount

Vehicle Mount - attaches to standard 2” trailer hitch receiver (2in/5.08cm)

GPK Mount

Mounts to Objective Gunner Protection Kit (OGPK) for vehicle mounted operations

Shiprail Mount

Stainless steel rail mount

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