Thermal Imaging for HVAC & Plumbing


A “whole building” approach is needed to maximize energy efficiency of a building or a home. Indoor environment can be compromised by poor insulation, poorly sealed windows and doors, inadequate or poorly sealed ductwork, plumbing leaks, or other plumbing issues relating to Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.



An inspection of a ceiling heating
system shows several hotspots.

See the Big Picture

An infrared camera is a practical tool that helps building professionals see the big picture. With FLIR infrared cameras for builders, it is easy to scan an entire building and see the relation of HVAC system, building envelope, and plumbing issues.

And, with FLIR cameras, you get advanced features to help you see how, when, and where energy saving solutions can be implemented. From determining insulation effectiveness to diagnosing faulty ductwork, a FLIR infrared camera helps protect your business from start of a job to completion.


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